Privacy Policy – Synapse Centre for Neurodevelopment, ESNEFT (


General Data Protection Regulations

Your participation with the work of the Synapse Centre is invaluable to us. In order for us to work together and for you to join certain activities, it will be necessary to collect some personal information. We in turn will ensure any of your personal information that you share with us is safe, secure and complies with regulations.

The laws that govern the use of your personal data have changed to cover technological developments in data collection and storage. From 25 May 2018, the UK has to adhere to the new data protection laws – the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

You’re better protected

The new rules make sure that all organisations are set up to protect any personal data they hold, and to act if something goes wrong. All data for the Synapse Centre for Neurodevelopment will be held on an electronic database within ESNEFT and will therefore be under the protection of ESNEFT’s robust security measures.

What personal information will we be collecting and why?

In order to participate in certain Synapse Centre activities we will require your personal data for communication purposes. We will therefore request your consent to store certain information. No information will be stored unless your consent is provided. Your data will not be shared with any external organisations and will be used solely as a record and means to connect with you.

You have more control

The new laws give you easier access to the personal information we hold about you on our database. Should you wish to see copies of your data; check your details; or make any amendments to your information, you can request to do so at any time via These measures are designed to instil confidence that the data we hold is accurate; up to date; well managed; and your rights to privacy and data protection are being upheld. Should you wish to withdraw your consent to us holding your details please see the section below.

Can I withdraw my consent to share my data with the Synapse Centre?

You are in full control of your data and of course have the right to erasure. If you change your mind you can request at any point to be removed from the database. This can be done via email to and all data relating to you will be deleted immediately. Alternatively, you also have the right to restrict processing where you can request we hold your information, but do not use it to contact you.

The Synapse Centre for Neurodevelopment is part of the Research Department at East Suffolk North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) and as such also follows all ESNEFT privacy and data protection policies: